Hi! Happy new year! We reached safely 2013 in spite of Maya’s prediction.

I would like tonight to talk about one of the simplest sweets in the whole world. Why I say it? Because Tiramisù is well known for the richness in taste and the method in doing it , in wich we don’t have to use oven or other stuff to bake it. It’ simply assembled and then put in in the fridge for three – four hours until the cream is not more soft.

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TIRAMISù ingredients:

4-5 eggs (only the yolks)

Mascarpone 500 gr

sugar 200 – 250 gr

Long cookies (Savoiardi or Pavesini two kinds of biscuits we use in Italy)


cacao (to top it off)

It’s really a simple dish. So simple that many people tell that they are great in making it. Well, the recipe is simple, sure, but the main point is to make it lessen heavy despite the richness in the cream. Why? This sweet is really common, any restaurant or ice cream shop sell it. The main point is to obtain a really good one without many calories. Usually sweets are served as the end of a meal, so it’s important to protect your stomach and your health and don’t eat anything particularly heavy at that point of the lunch/dinner.

So there are many versions of it, with liquor or not, with or without the white of the eggs (albumen). Using Savoiardi (Piemonte’s famous biscuits) or Pavesini (they are known like this through advertising). Adding vanilla extract. Using raw sugar instead of white sugar. Or even with half coffee and half water or milk, so the taste isn’t so stronger and the children are able to eat it too. For more recipes I will update more on this topic in the future, ’cause I often change my recipe too. I will upload the Plasmon version, my personal recipe (biscuits for kids) with half coffee and milk. 

As you know if you follow me I don’t eat eggs, so this is only for others to eat. Personally I would like to make it more light but the one eating it love a lot of cream in it… My friend who I usually let taste everything I cook is the one eating my attempts.

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I usually prepare all the ingredients on the table, so it’s way easier to assemble and add all I need without looking for them every single time. You can see sugar, pavesini, mascarpone, coffee in the blue bowl (prepared before), eggs and  the yellow big bowl where I will make the cream.

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Firstly divide the yolks from the albumens and then put the yolks all together in a large bowl where you will add the white sugar. (you can work on the albumens and make them in marzipan or even whip it and add in the cream) I usually add sugar using my intuition, as I made it countless times… There’s a little trick: It’s simple, add the sugar in multiple times. Use a wooden spoon going round and round in motion until you see the yolks yellow in colour and the sugar is blended nicely. Now add the mascarpone and blend everything together. If you like it add some extra vanilla flavour, 4 drops and no more because the cream will capture the flavour really well.

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When the cream is ok, using the biscuits prepare the base of the TIRAMISù. Firstly wet the biscuits in the coffee and then when the base is prepared add the cream on it with the spoon. Add cream and biscuits until you finish either of them. Finishing  join some coffee to the top. It will go down and the cream will have more richness when cooled down. Then put it in fridge and serve it not until the cream will get firm. (3- 4 hours) I add cacao on top, for a more decorative touch and taste.

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Bye and let me know if you use a different recipe! Take care and BUON APPETITO!