Hey nice to write to you again! I wish you all happy holidays and a stunning happy new year! 🙂

I will be on a trip for the next few days, so I wanna tell you for now what I cooked for christmas lunch. Well, I’m really on this kind of things right now, I mean sharing recipes. i think is useful, ’cause I often go wandering on other web sites searching for new dishes to cook. It’s great to have internet helping me!

Soooo let’s begin with the recipes (as you know if you watch my blog often, I’m italian so the recipes I write are  traditional here in Italy):


dicembre 2012 natale 134

I personally love the richness in taste of LASAGNE. In Italy is really a common dish when we are on Christmas holidays, I can say it is a MUST. I usually cook by myself all from the filling to the sauce.

The filling is made by:

RAGù (is the meat and tomato sauce):

  • onion
  • olive oil
  • tomato sauce
  • red wine
  • ground meat (half pork half beef)
  • seasoning (salt, )


  • flour
  • butter
  • milk
  • pepper and nutmeg

Then put them between layers of PASTA. Pasta, ragù and white sauce then a bit of grated cheese all over it. For more richness put more pieces of cheese in it. This is how I made it:

dicembre 2012 natale 024

dicembre 2012 natale 026

dicembre 2012 natale 027

dicembre 2012 natale 030

dicembre 2012 natale 106

dicembre 2012 natale 112

Cut the onion and fry it in a bit of olive oil, add the ground meat and when it’s half cooked add some red wine. Let it cook evenly after that add tomato sauce. Ragù needs no less then one and a half or two hours to take the right flavour. The LASAGNE are cooked in the oven after assembled and then served as a unique dish or as a first dish. In fact I served  roast with potatoes as second dish. What you can eat for dessert then? It’s simple, here in Italy it’s common to eat the so called PANETTONE or PANDORO. (don’t have images of them, search for it on the net 🙂


  • Roast
  • some seasonings (salt, pepper…)
  • olive oil
  • butter
  • a bit  of tomato sauce
  • potatoes

dicembre 2012 natale 040

dicembre 2012 natale 047

dicembre 2012 natale 090

dicembre 2012 natale 152

First you need to add on the uncooked roast some seasoning, like salt, bayleaf,white pepper… Then put the roast in a big pot with half butter and half oil. Let it cook evenly all around the meat. Add red wine. Then cook for more than two hours. Add water or some vegetable broth when need. Add the potatoes and then if you want add some tomato sauce.

Then… Happy NEW YEAR! And hope to be useful in some way for anyone who wants to try some new recipes.

Take care!!! 🙂