Hi everyone! It’s been a lot of time! Tonight I wanted to share with you my first attempt in making OMURICE.

dicembre 2012 anniversario 286

I know very well the way I made it it’s not in the japanese traditional style, because of many problems (for example the person who had to eat it, my friend, he absolutely hates veggies so I had to eliminate them from the ingredients), so no mushrooms, carrots, peas…

I humbly apologies to who knows the real japanese version of it. My attempt in their point of view is terrible I think. Let’s say then this is a omu-risotto. (italian version of the japanese omurice?)

Anyway I took picks of all the process in making it but as usual when I have something interesting to post, the picks are gone (not sure where ๐Ÿ™‚ ahahha) So let’s prepare the ingredients:

For the risotto:

  • vegetable broth (with pumpkin in it or normal)
  • rice
  • some good cheese (mix in it when the rice is cooked)

For the chicken in sauce:

  • chicken breast
  • seasoning (salt, pepper, nutmeg)
  • butter and oil

For the omelette:

  • eggs
  • a bit of oil (only to keep the omelette from sticking to the pan)
  • seasoning (salt and pepper)
  • mayonese (for the final touch)

dicembre 2012 anniversario 277

First of all, I had some vegetable broth (I cooked pumpkin in it for me for the previous dinner) but let it be our secret… I cooked the rice in it. This is why the rice is slightly orange ๐Ÿ™‚ I added pepper, some salt and nutmeg. ย Mix some cheese in it when the rice is totally cooked.

Then I cut thin slices of chicken breast and cooked separately in half butter and oil. Some seasoning and then mixed together rice and chicken. The rice turned out really delicious! I can say it because I eat a whole plate of it by myself.

Then I Prepared the rice in the middle of the plate and added on top a omelette(as you can see it broke in the middle when I flipped it on the rice). Finishing with mayonese as decoration, didn’t have ketchup ๐Ÿ˜‰

My friend ate it in less than 5 minutes. He told me it was more than sufficient for a whole meal. (strange because he usually is bottomless when it comes to eat ahahah XD) I really love to cook, and I usually take picks of my meals so I think I will upload more on this topic.

BUON APPETITO, bye and take care of you!


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