Hi everyone it’s been a while! Well, it’s kind of difficult right now to write often on this blog, the net book I use is way too slow… Ok, now let’s begin with  what I wanted to share with you tonight! Some cooking recipes and dishes I’m used to cook.


This dish is really simple, never fail as a delicacy in my opinion, and it’s done in less than 3 minutes! You don’t have to cook anything and actually the ingredients can be varied. Meat and fish (salmon, tuna) with some pops of creativity as you like.

Shall we begin? Ok, the main ingredient is what you lay down firstly on the plate. I usually prefer fish but I also love meat. 

–  Thin sliced meat (or fish)

–  Grated Cheese (like Parmigiano)

–  Olive oil

–   Lemon juice

–   Salt and as you prefer some pepper

Someone add some rucola or even mushrooms over it, but this version is the simplest, so you can add what you want on it. 


It’s really simple: Over a plate  serve thin sliced meat in circle, then add olive oil, salt (pepper), lemon juice and grated cheese in the order you prefer and that’s all! I really like this dish, because on the weekend I usually cook a lot and Carpaccio really save me time and I enjoy it so much… The taste is really good (it depend basically on the quality of the meat, red and without fat is preferable), for the olive oil if you prefer something strong you can add extravergin olive oil. (I don’t use it because It’s too much strong for my tastes, it can overcome the delicate flavour of the meat), and then the cheese (you may prefer some cheese with rich flavour instead, like Grana Padano or Parmigiano)


I usually have it when I go outside and eat in some place where I can find some good chicken cutlet. When I’m home and I feel like having something with some rich taste I prepare it adding some seasoned vegetables (The recipe below doesn’t include it because when I prepared it saturday night my friend asked me to do it without any kind of vegetable, well I think it became plain and not so tasty as I usually prepare it myself) Anyway here below the recipe.

– Bread sliced in half

– Chicken cutlet

– Onions (cooked in oil)

– Mayonese

Prepare one onion (I usually cut a half of a whole onion for two sandwich), chop it and put it in a pot with a little of olive oil, let it get a gold brownish colour. (for a richer taste add salt and some nutmeg)Meanwhile cut the bread in half and prepare it on a plate, I warm them a bit. If you need to cook the cutlets do it (in oil then dry on a paper towel).

When the chopped onion is cooked and the cutlets too you have to assemble the sandwich. I prefer this sandwich with seasoned vegetables, like tomatoes in oil, salt and oregano, or some salad with oil. I usually use some cheese too. Well for this recipe add some mayonese or ketchup as your taste and then eat it! BUON APPETITO!

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