It’s Pizza time! I usually really enjoy to cook, IĀ  can say I’m quite good at it. šŸ™‚

I love to often change recipes and try to add some other condiment or sauces on my dishes. Well, I’m a bit particular about the ingredients, I think for something we are going to eat is indispensable to use fresh things. The last saturday I enjoyed making a pizza all by myself. The dough, the sauce, and then adding wurstel and cheese (meant for pizza), in the end it came out really good! The crust it wasn’t too thin, ’cause when you eat pizza with some condiment on it is really good to have a width support to not break it over the plate. I mean, eating is enjoyable and all, but I think to prepare it by yourself you expect something better in the end. Right? The pizza was a success. (the pics below are after I added all the ingredients, not cooked yet. I’m sorry I didn’t take a pic after cooked because there were people eager to eat it!)

Ingredients for the dough: Flour, water, oil, brewer’s yeast, a pinch of salt and sugar.

For the condiment: Tomato sauce (canned is way easier), wurstel, cheese for pizza, oregano and salt.

The result is a bit different after baked, the cheese melts right away and the sliced wurstel cook too. Don’t be afraid to adding cheese, I mean if you eat only pizza for dinner or lunch you can add a bit more of condiment. This pizza was meant as a unique dish, we were in three to share it, but as I saw the other two eating it with such voracity I didn’t eat mine and then have them eat it. In the end they took my piece too.

Pizza here in Italy is really a common dish like pasta, we enjoy eat it with beer or coke, chips as side dish and some sauce to topping the chips. (mayo or ketchup) Usually is rare to cook it by yourself at home because it’s really easy to find a good “pizzeria” (the restaurant where they cook pizza) near by.

For now bye and take care all of you!

Next time I will post something on the way I usually eat outside when I bring food myself from home… Bento Box recipes are really saving a lot of my time and the cuteness of the different boxes is really amazing. Bye bye šŸ™‚


This below is the result, I added this picture to make you see the “amazing after” baked. (pic took another time, when I prepared also pizza with ham. I think it was taken two weeks after this post of mine.) It was just to complete the post with an end šŸ™‚ Bye again!




ottobre 2012 015

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