This is my first time writing on a blog and I am here to share with you some simple thoughts of mine. As you can see from the name of my blog, I find really difficult to sleep at night, so I would like to pass this hours writing and sharing some pics and thoughts while listening to music.

So what I will write in the future?

Personally I’m really a calm person, I love cats and I keep 8 of them at home, so I think I will write a lot on this topic (right now one of them is sitting on my lap). I often take pics of landscapes, cause I live in a rural area and most likely I will share them with you. My major is in art and I continue to keep my skills up working on portraits, so I will upload some of my future works on here.

For now I must say sorry about my poor English skills. This is not my actual mother-language, and this is another thing I actually would like to improve about myself using this blog.

So take care all of you until the next night!

This pic is mine, taken during summer. Hope you will enjoy my posts from now on.



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