Hi! Today let’s learn a new way to nourish ourselves through oils!

Oils are important for our skin as it is a natural way to replenish hydration and moisture that aging, weather and stress can strip off from our face and body. Oils and oil-creams are meant to be used after baths and showers to properly hydrate even the deepest tissues of the skin, even more if you tend to use hot water for baths and showers since it’s more aggressive.

For the face we usually use oil cleansers, oils for demaquillage, in forms of serums or beauty oils for rejuvenation. But did you know that you can use oils to cure hair loss and to make your eyelashes pop out like no mascara can?


Let’s learn how:

CASTOR OIL is a really powerful source on fatty acids and vitamins that can support the growth of hair and hairs. Definitely a must if you ruined your eyelashes due to excessive mascara usage or simply you don’t have many of them or are too short. I really recommend it if you are searching for a natural way to make them grow back or enhance them.

This treatment it’s painless, cheap and easy to do so you should definitely try it out and see for yourself. First thing is to find a 100 % cold pressed castor oil and you can buy it for cheap (like 6-10 $) for a bottle of 100 ml. Since a blottle goes a really long way even if you use it on your scalp for hair growth I suggest to only buy 1 at a time.

The oil is thick and dark yellow, some people like to add some other oils like avocado or vitamin E since they find it too thick for usage but in my opinion the growth power goes down a little. I like to use it as it is with an eyelash comb on my eyelashes and brows and leave it for many hours. I usually apply it after taking off my makeup and having my shower/bath. When I go to bed I use a cotton pad to just wipe the excess off and the morning after when I wash my face I can see my eyelashes full and long.


This treatment is not meant to be done everyday since it’s not like they grow forever, I do it twice or thrice a week and it’s really effective. Believe me and try it too!



You may already know my passion for a tv docu-series called “The last alaskans” since I wrote in the past months another article on this topic. The second season is now here and I’m so happy about it! Right now there’s up to 3rd episode and I felt so good to see everyone again chasing their dream of freedom that I had to write my impression on it!


This series started for nearly everyone with a change in location moving to their oldest cabins. They all returned to the old houses where they spent so many years growing as a family with bittersweet memories of the childhood of their kids. It was emotional right from the start and this season I can see that even the editing is different including more landscapes footage and flashback on the memories of all the families. I guess a lot of people wanted to know more of their past and how they could survive in such a difficult land with small children so there’s a lot more informations on this kind of things.

Heimo Korth and his family is finally all reunited together after so many years in the Alaskan wilderness to build a new cabin on the site near their most loved cabin where the girls grew up and their first baby girl died drowning in the river. The family is really beautiful and you can feel their love for each other. I guess that being together in such a place with no cellphones, pc and other kinds of disturbance can bound people to have deep conversations and a real knowledge of their characters (well even when I was a child myself 20 years ago it was like this). I simply love Heimo and Edna as they seem the most positive, good and genuine people I ever seen in a tv show. Love them to death!

Bob Harte is back after a bad last season when he didn’t succeed in hunting for the meat required for his winter needs, a bear ate all of his stocked provisions and he got involved even in a plane incident that had him return home to his daughter Talisia before the end of the season. Well, this time he’s back with his sweet daughter and ex wife! His faithful dog Ruger is as always his best companion but since he trained him so well and he saw how protective of Talisia he is, he thought of giving him to her so when his daughter returned to Fairbanks after a couple weeks she flew back with the dog leaving Bob all alone. After that his ex wife surprised everyone with her announcement of going to visit him in the cabin. She didn’t want to leave him all alone in the woods. I’m happy to see them sharing these moments because I could feel that he always wanted their return, since when he talked during the first season about his family his eyes were full of tears. He’s currently really sick but wanted to go nevertheless of his conditions in his oldest cabin. His daughter is back there after 20 years and he’s so happy about it that I can feel it too. This season he seems opening up much more in terms of feelings and I like the way he speaks more.

The Selden couple who is thinking of growing the family and the Lewis’ with their 3 adorable daughters are equally working on their upcoming winter. The selden’s hunted succesfully a moose and so they are starting with the right foot since they have more than enough meat for their entire season till spring. The Lewis’ are fixing their oldest cabin to fit the girls in a new room and as they work on it they are reminiscing the memories of their childhood. Simply lovely!

I am waiting every week for the next episode and I will not miss one! And you? What do you think of this series? Do you like to see this kind of documentaries about wild nature and surviving? I will write about the Brown’s family of “Bush people”too soon, so stay tuned.




Hi everyone! It’s nice to write on my blog again. Usually I’m always packed with things to do and have little time to update my page here. Since tonight I have some time for myself here I am going to explain in detail my last week travel to Venice.

First of all: I was alone and even so I had a great time! So if you are wondering if the most romantic city in the world is solo traveller friendly it is definitely a YES! I spent 5 days in a hostel on Giudecca island, in front of Venice, and since the room was cheap I got to spend my extra money on food, things and some presents for myself.

I was in Venice in December 2015 the last time and since it was so windy and chilly after sunset we were mostly in the apartment we rented for the stay after 5-6 p.m, so this time I decided to experience Venice in a sunny month and September was definitely the right choice!

It was my first time travelling alone since usually I only spend the time on trains and such by myself, after that I usually meet up with others. This time I was alone for the entire stay and I got to know myself more.

Travelling alone is an experience I highly recommend to everyone especially the ones, like me, who think of themself as independent and loners. I always believed I was a kind of person who needn’t people to be happy and I was wrong. I realized it the first night, while in my room I kind of felt lonely with no one to share my journey with. But after that first night I spoke to the people who shared my hostel: French, English and Canadians youth like me who wanted to experience Venice the best they could.

My travel consisted of 5 days and every day I wanted to experience different sides of Venice so I planned my schedule very carefully:

1st day: I arrived in the early afternoon in Venice, got to my hostel and unpacked.. Then I explored Giudecca island who is different from the main Venice we know. There are small parks, new modern houses, a university and the best small streets where you would want to get lost forever. After memorizing the position of the supermarkets, restaurants and such I ate pistachio ice cream and watched the best sunset view of the entire stay!

2nd day: my birthday. I wore my best frilly white dress and explored Venice. Got to the hebrew area, my loved one, where I ate my favourite Kosher sweets and then off to S.Marco. In the middle of the day there was a huge storm and I got wet from the rain… even so I stayed out till 8. S.Marco during sunset was magical, full of lights and music orchestras… Ate Spaghetti with clams in a high-end restaurant with the best view on S.Marco to celebrate my birthday.

3rd day: Murano and Burano. Murano is peaceful and beautiful for a quick stay. I highly recommend it if you want to see the glass-makers doing their job. There are exquisite restaurants everywhere and glass boutiques where you can buy gifts. Ate there and then headed off to Burano a 30 minutes ride on the ferry-boat. Burano was a huge surprise for me! It’s a small island with a park all around it and in the middle colorful houses everywhere. The colors were so vivid and the boutiques full of frilly things to buy… Best spot for couples to take pictures of course.

4th day: Lido’s beach. I spent the entire day by the sea and it was awesome. The sun was so warm and th sea breeze so soothing. I walked a lot, swam, read and ate. I got so tanned in only one day that I was seriously surprised… Drank a fresh strawberry 500 ml smoothie while heading back and got lost… Ferry-boats change slightly routes after 7 p.m and I didn’t know it so I had to stay another 1 hour out because I needed to take another one to return to Giudecca.

5th day: I left my baggage at the train station and stayed another 4 hours in the hebrew district, bought gifts and explored again the centre of Venice. Bought myself 2 chickenburger at Mc Donalds for the train ride and returned home with a feeling of accomplishment.

I suggest you to always cherish the memories of your past travels. I was a solo traveller and I spent 5 days as I was walking like in a dream. I got to do what I wanted without having to deal what others may want and this is why I totally recommend this kind of experience. I will return to Venice again for sure because it is already a beautiful memory to me and I will not ever forget about it.

To you all I can say only this: Travel as much as you can and never think of what others may think of it. Life is precious and too short to bother with others judgement!

Love you all from the bottom of my heart. ❤



I can’t belive it, seriously… How many people have read my posts, viewed my photos and shared my thoughts… I’m so happy right now and this is all because of you! 😉 I really appreciate it ❤

And now some News: Monday I will be in Venice! I’ll spend 3 days celebrating my birthday travelling in the beautiful Laguna. I will retake some of the pics I unfortunately lost due to some virus on my pc… And I think you’ll like what will happened next, because when I’m back I’m seriously thinking of giving myself an opportunity… so stay tuned and follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already… you will be with me in the beautiful Venice and I will post lots of pictures from Burano, Murano and S.Marco!

Lots of love to you all! ❤ May you have a pleasant weekend.


Hi everyone! Today I’m gonna talk about a “not so new”asian trend of people, and especially cute women, eating loads of food in front of cameras and getting payed for it. Through YouTube and other platforms you can find them using the keywords: Oogui, mukbang.

MUK-BANG: korean online broadcast in which a person eats large quantities of food in front of the viewers connected in the chat (for example afreeca). The host is being tipped by the audience with “balloons” which are actually converted in money. Usually he/she talks through the broadcast and keeps eating for hours.

OOGUI: japanese term meaning “big eater”.

The 31 years old (born 4 February 1985 in Fukuoka) japanese Kinoshita Yuka who is a competitive/heavy eater (Oogui) has been competitive since 2009 and she surely can eat a lot. Everyday she uploads on her YouTube channel named “yuka Kinoshita” new challenges on food that you would totally be surprised for. Often eating over 10.000 kcal per session, she ate alone 12 kg of cake, 100 hamburgers, 50 donuts for 14.000 kcal and so on… Her appetite is amazing!

She was noticed from people outside Japan after she uploaded the “100 hamburger challenge” in 2014 and since then she became a total sensation through the net all over the world (you can find the video on her channel). Her videos are entirely being translated through english and other languages subtitles thanks to fans so everyone can understand what she talks about.

For a tiny woman like her around 45 kg and less than 1,60 I guess her metabolism is just different from other people. The calories she intakes are totally crazy keeping in mind that a normal adult who exercise regularly should not go over the 2000 kcal per day… Every normal person couldn’t help but gain weight and cholesterol with every bite of those gluttonous meals but she’s just so skinny that many people on the net assume she’s cheating. But seriously how can she cheat when she films everything? I don’t think so, it must be that her body is different and she seems so happy when she eats delicious food so I think it’s fine as long as her health is kept under control.

Recently she uploaded a video in which she shared with all her followers her annual checkup and it was all perfect so… She has only a different metabolism we can’t judge her because she can eat a lot!

I love watching her videos and you can see from her face she actually enjoys it so much so I think we should be happy she can eat to her fullest without any regrets.

What do you think about her? Let me know your opinion! Bye



The quality of the scan this time turned out bad but the original is way better. I wanted to draw something different with a new allure, I worked more on the expression than on my skills. It was quite a challenge since I usually focus more on the perfection of the lines and the tecnique. Turned out good I guess.

For my portraits I really love drawing eyes and the wrinkles on the lips, I might just make some studies on them just to focus on the different shapes and colors.


This half-year was really satisfying… 5000 views on my blog since January! Thank you so much for your interest towards my blog. I’m glad that I am able to share my thoughts with all of you so openly without any barrier. I’m the awkward kind of person around people but since I started this journey of mine on WordPress I can sense definitely an improvement on my behaviour.

I know my writing skills can be improved too this is why I try to write about many different topics.I’m working on something right now, a new project, and I want to share it with you as soon as possible. In the following weeks you will be updated surely.

I feel really thankful that you follow me in my simple life. Hugs from a smiling italian woman (still a girl at heart)!


I’m completely smitten by a docu-series that’s been aired this spring on DMAX (one of my favourite channels). THE LAST ALASKANS was a real surprise for me, too intrigued by the landscapes and won by the curiosity of knowing the lifestyle of the people who live in the “Arctic National Wildlife Refuge” a far away and uninhabited area in northern Alaska.

I’ve been all my life an avid documentary passionate and this kind of program is just too good to be true. The characters, their lives and memories, the amazing landscapes and the simple life they conduct are extremely extravagant from every point of view. They are happy to live there and sad when they have to go back to the city, their feelings are depicted really well.

To live a life always in search for food, no commodities, no tv, no internet and cellphones must be really hard. They sew their own gloves and snow boots with the fur of the hunted animals. They don’t have the possibility to go to the supermarket if they need something. In all the months they live in such isolation from the rest of the world they need to be always ready for unexpeted events and work hard to have the basic necessities.

Hunting caribou, dealing with bears, paying attention to the width of the ice, no sun for months since they are above the arctic polar circle… I think this is an amazing series that goes in-depth of the lives of these extravagant people called “last Alaskans”. The lasts who can live in this territory because in 1980 the government decided to stop any further human settlements in the area and so the ones who had previosly the rights to built cabins are only 7 and dislocated on hundreds of miles away from each other.


Heimo and Hedna, definitely my favourite couple ever! They are so sweet and had four daughters that grew up in their cabins. Same as Bob they lived in this difficult territory for about 40 years. Their memories are so clear and emotionally painful that I really feel close to them. I really love Heimo, he seems a really great person!


Ray Lewis is a tough and hard working man who grew up, with his wife, his 3 daughters in this kind of wild environment. Originally from Michigan he decided to move to Alaska in search of an adventurous life. His family is amazing, his daughters are able to hunt and do all the things required to live in such a difficult area since they grew up there and now are teenagers. They have all such a close relationship, I really feel their love for each other.


Bob, the toughness, 40 years of experience in the wilderness. This season he was at a considerably disadvantage because he broke his airplane, he couldn’t hunt any caribou (so no meat aka lipids for all the winter months) and a bear ate all his provisions so he decided to return to Fairbanks to be with his daughter waiting for next season.


All the group, in the centre the Lewis family with their three daughters and dogs.

Hope to see more of this amazing series! I really love it, I feel so close to all of them… The musics, the magical landscapes, the great respect they have for nature is so special that it would be a shame to not see more. Good luck last Alaskans from an italian watcher!